Welcome! I’m Emily and this is my website, Windpaddle.com.

I was born and raised in Virginia. My family has always loved being outdoors so it’s no surprise that we spent lots of time kayaking when I was young too – but what happened after school? We went on adventures around the James River with friends or planned picnics for later in the summertime…

beauty in Virginia
Beauty in Virginia

Kayaking is one of the most pristine ways to experience Virginia’s natural beauty. As you glide down a river, your view will be interrupted only by towering mountains and lush forests on either side as well as beaches that stretch into infinity in front of you! It was this sense of adventure which led me 10 years ago – without any prior knowledge about how to swim or not to handle myself in outdoorsy activities such as kayaking…LOL (just kidding).

This is me in my first days when kayaking
This is me on my first time kayaking

When I was younger, my love for the outdoors and desire for adventure kept me at bay. But as time passed by eventually this became more than just an interest–it turned into something that fueled who I am now!

You may not know it, but I’m not the guy who created this site. Building a website for my blog was an accident that turned into something I really enjoy.

My family is a loyal customer of sails sold at Windpaddle. The previous owner of wind paddle sold this domain after listening to me talk a lot about my passion. And it’s been great being able to share all the beauty inside with others!

So, I am here to:

Inspire you to get outside even if you lack the skills. Sports are for everyone

Empowering you with a strong outdoor skillset so you are prepared for wherever.

I’m so glad you are here :-)).

My Ethics

I’m a proud advocate of outdoor adventures and have been involved in many different types over the years.  In this space, you’ll find my story about wind paddling which I believe should be shared with all those interested!

I am now a freelance editor and journalist, specializing in the outdoors. There will come a time when you see my name somewhere- maybe as an author or photographer working to bring stories alive with words for publication!

When I am not out on the water, you can find me walking somewhere in the city, cooking my favorite foods, and spending time with my family