Svalbard archipelago expedition- 2010

Jon Turk
During the summer of 2010, Øyvind Rygh of (our distributor in Norway and Sweden) helped sponsor an expedition that went around the islands of Svalbard. (The Svalbard Islands is an archipelago in the Arctic about midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole.)

This group of paddlers had really tried sails under extreme conditions. They sent me a report where they write that they have been very happy with the sails.

Often when the wind is up and the seas big, sailing along while holding on to a buddy-boat is safer, certainly more social, and helps keep the group together. You are travelling faster than you could certainly paddle, so why not sit back and watch the shoreline slide on by?

We will post more information from the exhibition when it comes in.

Thanks Øyvind for your great work in Scandinavia.