Can You Put a Kayak on a Honda Civic?

Yes, but the process is not straightforward. Honda Civic is one of the compact cars that has been around for decades. But owning one can be challenging when you need to transport your kayak.

Fortunately, you can still transport your kayak on a Honda Civic using an appropriate roof rack or pool noodles. Let’s dive in for detailed information.

How To Carry a Kayak on a Honda Civic

You can carry a kayak on a Honda Civic if you have an appropriate roof rack or use pool noodles or foam blocks. With a proper procedure, you can load a kayak and secure it on the roof of your Honda Civic.

The following are the two ways of transporting a kayak on the roof of a Honda Civic:

Using the Honda Civic Roof Rack

Using a kayak roof rack and crossbars is the safest way of transporting your kayak on a Honda Civic. But first, check if the roof rack is compatible with your vehicle.

A proper fit is crucial for safety. As a result, you may need to purchase an adapter or additional hardware for the roof rack to securely fit on your Honda Civic.

Another consideration is the roof weight capacity of your car. Most of them come with an average weight limit of 200 pounds before loading languages in the trunk and passengers in the cabin. You don’t want to overload your car. So, use the roof rack rated for your car.

How To Install Roof Rack on a Honda Civic

It may depend on the type of roof rack you buy. But generally, you can follow this procedure, which should work for different roof racks and Honda Civic model years.

  1. Unbox the roof rack package and follow the instructions to assemble it if it is not done by the manufacturer.
  2. Attach the cross bars to your car. Most of them do not require drilling. So, it is an easy DIY process.
  3. Secure the roof rack on the cross bars. Do that using the mounting clamps and ensure a snug fit.
  4. Drive the vehicle around the neighborhood to test if the roof rack is securely fitted before you load your kayak onto it.
  5. Load your kayak onto the roof and use cam straps to secure it firmly. Ensure the kayak is perfectly balanced on the car and does not move back and forth or side to side.

Pros and Cons

– Suitable if you want to transport your kayak over a long distance
– Easy to load and unload a kayak
– Safer – minimizes damage to the car and the kayak
– Relatively expensive since you have to buy additional hardware

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Using Pool Noodles or Foam Block

Using pool noodles or foam blocks is a viable option for short trips. However, this method is not for transporting a kayak over long distances.

You will need at least two pool noodles and 4 ratchet straps. The first two ratchet straps secure the pool noodles on the car’s roof, and the remaining two are for tightening the kayak on the pool noodles.

How To Install Pool Noodles

Open the doors and pass two straps and 2 ratchet straps over the top, through the pool noodles, and through the cabin. Tighten the straps and close the doors.

Lift your kayak and place it on the car’s roof, ensuring it is balanced on the pool noodles.

Use the two extra straps to tie down the kayak. Secure both bow and stern.

Pros and Cons

– Easy to use
– Relatively affordable
– Not for distance kayak transport

Whether you want to use a roof rack or pool noodles, do not over-tighten the straps. Too much pressure on the kayak will damage it. Also, check the kayak on the roof often when you drive to ensure it is still secure up there.

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Best Kayak Racks for Honda Civic

As mentioned, not every roof rack in the market is appropriate for Honda Civic. This sedan car requires specific roof racks if you don’t want to compromise the performance and aesthetics.

Also, you should check the durability of the kayak and its compatibility with your vehicle. The chosen roof rack should protect your car and the boat.

The following are the recommended products:

Codinter Kayak Roof Rack

The Codinter roof rack is ideal for Honda Civic. It is J-shaped and has clamps that fit on cross bars of different shapes. When properly installed, this rack holds the kayak securely on the roof.

This kayak roof rack protects your car and kayak. You will not worry about dents or damage because its rubberized paddings safeguard your boat. It is made of high-quality anodized aluminum for durability.

OUHOUG J-Bar Kayak Roof Rack

The OUHOUG J-Bar is one of the most trusted kayak roof racks for the Honda Civic. It is made of thickened, rust-resistant steel tubes for durability. This roof rack also features an oversized, ultra-high-density foam to protect your car and kayak from scratches.

This roof rack is easy to install and remove when not in use, and its J-bar securely holds the kayak on top of the car.

Mrhardware A01 Kayak Roof Rack

The Mrhardware A01 is a simple, low-cost solution to carrying your kayak on the roof of your Honda Civic. It is steel-designed with adjustable padding to enhance strength and protect your kayak. Its wide-mouth J bars make loading and unloading kayaks easy.

You can easily install the Mrhardware A01 kayak roof rack on your car. You receive it already assembled. So, you fix it on the cross bars.

LEADRACKS Kayak Roof Rack

The LEADRACKS roof rack is made of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which withstands different weather conditions. It is lightweight, rust-resistant, and durable and can carry kayaks that weigh up to 220 pounds.

The roof kayak features an extra-thick sponge cushion to protect your kayak and car during transportation by absorbing shock. It also has a rubber pedal design to reduce scratches.

XCAR 2 Pairs Universal Kayak Rack

XCAR is another viable option if you will carry two kayaks. It is made of high-quality alloy steel and heavy-duty framing with adjustable padding. These features give it a carrying capacity of up to 150 pounds and effectively protect your kayak and car.

XCAR roof rack has a wide-mouth J bar, which offers easy loading and unloading. It is also easy to install on cross bars.


Can you put a canoe on a Honda Civic?

Yes. You can put a canoe on a Honda Civic if you have installed an appropriate roof rack. But you can also use pool noodles if you transport your kayak over a short distance.

Can you put a rack on a Honda Civic?

Yes. Some roof racks are designed to fit on sedan cars such as Honda Civic. You only need to buy an appropriate roof rack compatible with your vehicle. Not all roof racks are for a Honda Civic.

Can you put a kayak on a car without a roof rack?

Yes. You don’t necessarily need a roof rack to transport a kayak onto your car. Pool noodles or foam boards should do the trick, but you should be careful when using them because they can slip.

Key Takeaway

Transporting a kayak in a Honda Civic can be challenging because of its design. Fortunately, you can find the best roof rack compatible with this car design. Alternatively, you can use pool noodles. But this option is not appropriate for long-distance kayak transportation. Whichever the case, ensure the kayak is secure on the roof and check it often.

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