How To Get Out of A Kayak Without Getting Wet?

Getting out of a kayak without wetting your feet is challenging, even for experienced kayakers. But it is sometimes worth learning how to get out of a kayak without getting water.

Water may be cold, or you don’t want to get messy with water. That will make you remember you came across this post that teaches you how to escape water when getting out of a kayak.

You can consider getting out of a kayak from a pier, shallow or sandy beach, or from the shore. Read on to learn how to do it.

3 Places To Get out of a Kayak and Won’t Get Wet

Sometimes getting wet when getting out of a kayak is unavoidable. However, you can minimize the chances of touching water using a docking pier instead of just an open beach.

You can also paddle straight to a shallow or sandy end or speed up your kayak as you approach the shore to overshoot water. Let’s find out how!

From The Pier

Piers are land extensions into the water where boats dock. Some are well built with all amenities and facilities to serve other purposes. But even a simple wooden pier is good enough. You are lucky if one is available where you take your kayaking adventure.

A pier is perfect for docking if you want to get out of a kayak without getting wet. Use the following steps to accomplish the task:

  1. Dock your kayak parallel to the pier.
  2. Tie a rope from your kayak to the cleat from the dock.
  3. Use your hands to lean on the dock and use it as your support point to lift yourself up.
  4. Alternatively, grab the cleat of the pier and slowly get out of the kayak, lifting one leg first, followed by the rest of your body.
  5. Pull your entire body out of the kayak and let your chest rest on the dock.
  6. Pull your second leg and climb up on the dock.

From Shallow and Sandy

This second approach is tricky because you can get wet without knowing it. But you can pull it off if you can access a shallow or sandy end. We are only saying that you should be careful if you don’t want to wet yourself. So, how do you do it?

  1. Paddle your kayak towards the shallow or sandy end of the water or paddle fast to gain enough momentum or speed up the kayak just before getting to the shore.
  2. Ask a friend once you come to a halt at the shore to pull you out of the water. Alternatively, you can get out of the seat and sit on the dry land. But be careful not to sit on a muddy surface. Nothing can be worse than that!
  3. The last step is straightforward. Just get up as you would from sitting on the floor.

From The Shore

This last method of getting out of your kayak requires muscle power. It will probably make you appreciate your sessions at the gym. Proceed as follows:

  1. Speed up your kayak by paddling faster as you approach the shore and overshoot the water. The aim is to get as much part of the kayak on land as possible because it’s the only way to stabilize the boat.
  2. Once the kayak stops on the shore, lift your feet from the kayak and step on the ground. Support yourself on the kayak with your hands to stand up.

This approach may seem straightforward, but it has a drawback. The abrasion on the bottom of your kayak can scratch or damage it in the long run.

The abrasion on the bottom of kayak
The abrasion on the bottom of kayak

Best Way to Get out of a Kayak

How best can you get out of a kayak? This is a nightmare for most beginners since kayaks are highly unstable when partially in the water.

Consider the following approach as the best way to leave your kayak after a fishing or recreational adventure in the water:

  1. Grab anything you can hold on at the shore or stabilize the kayak by ensuring most parts rest on land.
  2. Get out of the kayak by first placing one foot on each side.
  3. Stand up and quickly lift one foot to the safer side of the kayak while holding it to avoid being carried away by wind or water currents.
  4. Drag the boat fully out of the water!


How do you gracefully get out of a kayak?

How you get out of a kayak depends on the shore or bank and how it’s configured. If it has shallow water or a sandy beach, paddle straight to land and lift your legs out of the vessel.
Stand up, put each leg on each side, and lift one to be on the safest side. Lastly, drag your kayak out of the water.

How do you get out of a kayak in shallow water?

Getting out of a kayak in shallow water without getting wet is simple. You can ask your friend to pull you out once you get to the shore.

Alternatively, increase the boat speed as you approach the shore or bank to let as much part of the kayak on land as possible. You can then stand up with one leg on each side and proceed to get out of the kayak, as described in this article.

Do you get wet when you kayak?

Getting wet when kayaking is not totally unavoidable. You can get wet, but you can do a few things to avoid being drenched, which include the following:
Proper drip guard placement
– Paddling with a spray skirt
– Putting on a dry suit
– Choosing the time and location appropriately to avoid rain and other weather elements


Getting out of a kayak without getting wet is challenging. But with regular practice, you can master the art and make it look easy. Use any of the three techniques discussed in this post, depending on your situation. It is possible, and you can make it too!

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