How To Track Kayaking On An Apple Watch

If you’re a kayaker, you know the importance of tracking your progress and improving your skills.

Kayaking incorporates proper stroke techniques and the ability to maneuver your kayak in different water conditions. With expertise, enthusiasts learn to paddle with confidence and enjoy all that the sport offers.

But what do you do if you don’t have time to go to the gym? Or if you’re on vacation and can’t bring your weight set with you?

No problem. You can easily track your kayaking progress on your Apple Watch and now how To Track Kayaking on An Apple Watch.

We’ll show you how to do just that in this blog post, so keep reading for all the details:

Your Apple Watch Follows You Everywhere:

An apple watch is your one-stop shop for countless adventures. The Apple Watch is the ideal device that follows you around and keeps track of your every move.

The watch has been known to lead its wearers to better health and fitness once they realize how convenient its attributes are.

What is kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable activities you can perform on the water. You get to navigate diverse waterways with your own two hands by sitting face forward and using an oar-like paddle.

It’s great for exploring new waterways and looking at wildlife. You’ll need some equipment like PFD (personal flotation device) and a lifejacket, which are standard among many modern-day kayakers.

In the 16th century, individuals used kayaks to navigate treacherous waters. The efficient design of this ancient boat allows it to be easily repaired and built from readily available materials like seal skins or old hoods.

It moves through the water in the small boat with your hands on paddles, which you use to propel yourself forward.

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable activities
Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable activities

How To Track Kayaking On An Apple Watch:

While there is no direct app to track your kayak progress, you can create your own paddle boarding or kayaking workouts using the Workout app on Apple Watch.

The built-in program does not list these activities as one of its main types, but it’s possible to name any non included sport with options like ‘Paddling’ and track how many minutes you spend at each level-even if they’re off plan.

However there are a number of other app you can use which are discussed below. 

Apps Available For Tracking Kayaking On Your Apple Watch?

There are a few ways to track your kayaking exercise with the help of your apple watch. Let’s dive in:

Go paddling App:

Go paddling is a free app that works for both IOS and Android. This kayaking location database offers detailed information about each spot, with more than three thousand spots in the US alone.

What’s better than one easy-to-use app that can help you get the most out of your paddling experience? Two apps. The Go Paddler for Android and IOS is entirely free. 

#Funfact: Three miles of kayaking takes about 90 minutes.

Routie App:

Routie is an app in Apple that allows you to view your statistics and interactive graphs over three different periods: the prior month, last year, or all time. The standard features include distance traveled as well speed/altitude info, but there’s more:

  • You can also create goals for each of these categories so it will track them automatically with no need to track anything else yourself manually 
  • Just enter how many calories were burned during this activity outside on their own accord without third-party interference.

Fitness Apps:

When recording specific fitness activities on your Apple Watch, you can also use the Workout app (or a third party) and choose Other apps such as Strava for any workouts.

It includes open-water swims with GPS tracking, as the route map recorder will use appropriate sensors to calculate distances and calories burnt during each segment of the swim.

Recording specific fitness activities on your Apple Watch
Recording specific fitness activities on your Apple Watch

Features To Consider When It Comes To Tracking Kayaking:


Device harmony is essential when it comes to choosing the best kayaking apps. You’ll want an app that works with your phone or smart device, but what about uploading data over time? Make sure you know whether it will be available in advance, so there are no surprises down the line.

Internet Connectivity:

The type of connectivity that a kayak has can make all the difference. For instance, if you’re only using your phone’s cellular carrier to connect with the internet while out on the water, it will fail when there isn’t any signal available for updating apps or checking emails.

In this case, we recommend looking at models equipped both with GPS and cell signals since they’ll allow users greater flexibility.

Design and Usability:

The interface design should be simple, clean, and easy to follow for any user. The more you enjoy tracking your progress, the better.

Various types of Kayaking:

While kayaking is a straightforward and simple sport, which it can be more enjoyable with a few variations.

Sit-on-top kayaks leave your legs exposed while you sit on their decks above water level or closed-decked models that keep you dry when riding over rough water without getting wet.

Recreational kayaking: 

Discover waterways with ease as this offers a tranquil mode of transportation that allows you to stop and appreciate beauty while exploring.

Some everyday activities include whale watching, nature discovery, or navigational exploration – so don’t be afraid if this sounds confusing at first because it isn’t when done right.

Sport kayaking:

Whether you want to go white water rafting or just cruise around the bay, sport kayaking is an excellent way of experiencing nature at its most raw form.

The sport also allows for more intense workouts compared to other forms like rowing. It offers less stability, so you don’t get carried away with the amount of power your arms are putting out.

Sports kayaking is a great exercise to improve health
Sports kayaking is a great exercise to improve health

Sea kayaking:

Sea kayakers will often spend hours on end exploring the ocean with only their boat for company. These boats have storage space for extra equipment or cargo when exploring open water. To ensure everything proceeds smoothly during such forays into uncharted territory, you need some experience.

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Calorie Exertion During Kayaking:

Kayaking burns a lot of calories, and if you’re looking to burn off some extra pounds, this is one way to go. The average person who weighs 125 pounds will burn 288 worth of calories.

Although someone weighing higher than 150 lbs will burn more than the standard amount.

How Fast Should You Paddle Your Kayak?

The average kayaker should expect to go at 2-2.5 knots, while more experienced ones can reach speeds as high as three mph without much difficulty or risk of injury.

You may need to use different techniques when paddling efficiently in water that is not too smooth for them. A beginner-level athlete would typically need 5+ hrs before they’re able to textile up again after engaging extensively.


If you’re a kayaker or interested in getting into the sport, tracking your progress is essential. Fortunately, tracking kayaking can quickly be accomplished using your Apple Watch.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to monitor your kayaking workouts and see improvements in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and start tracking!

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  1. Many sit-on kayaks come with special drives (e.g., propellers or fins) that allow kayakers to use their legs to propel the kayak. Since legs are more powerful than arms, speed increases and hands are free to steer and fish.

    Of course, kayaks are subject to winds, tides and currents so it might be difficult to come up with good data for a strenuous kayak session.


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