How to Keep Your Phone Safe While Kayaking

Carrying a phone when kayaking is necessary, the phone help you to capture beautiful moments, make videos, or even use any of the kayaking apps.

But you wonder if  it’s safe to risk taking your phone along. This is also a question that many paddlers are always faced with: how to keep your phone safe while kayaking.

Understanding these problems, we have synthesized and offered some solutions. This article provides some benefits of bringing your phone while kayaking as well as how to keep it safe.

You will learn how to make use of the kayak compartment and insure your device. We will also provide you with other safety tips to aid your phone’s safety. Now, let’s get started.

Why Should You Bring Your Phone while Kayaking?

A phone and people is kayaking
A phone and people is kayaking | Credit: Mwabonje, Maridav /

Some people worry about their phone’s safety and eventually feel that it is totally unnecessary to carry their phone along with them while kayaking. However, there are benefits of taking your phone along. These benefits include:

Lower stress and anxiety: Leaving your phone behind can heighten your stress level and anxiety especially when you have people or things that you have to check up on.

However, if you take your phone while kayaking you are able to know the current situation of things without having to worry.

Camera accessibility: You should not miss out on taking your smartphone along, as you can take beautiful shots of aquatic species and the waterscape to later share with friends. 

Communication with your kayaking partners: When you go kayaking as a group, you may not get to choose how long everyone stays together because of the strong current which may drift you apart.

But by means of a phone, you can always keep in touch with other members of the group.

Being aware of weather changes: Taking your phone along while kayaking gives you an edge on the weather forecast. So, you can know what weather calls for you to keep navigating and that which requires you to leave the water.

A man is riding on Gray Kayak
A man is riding on Gray Kayak | Credit: Jaime Reimer /

Link your location and get directions:  Your smartphone can help you navigate well on the water and avoid being lost as there are apps that can help you identify your location and destination.

You can also set up GPS on your phone that will help your loved ones track your location too.

Feel more assured of your phone’s location: Depending on where you go kayaking, the level of safety differs from one place to another. So if you really want assurance of security for your smartphone, your best bet would be to keep it on you rather than leaving it behind in the car.

Emergency helpline: You may find yourself in an emergency while kayaking which will require you to call for help and without your phone, things may get worse.

However, if you are with your phone, you can make calls to another boater, a coast guard, or local emergency service to get you back to safety.

How to Keep Your Phone Safe While Kayaking

Having known the benefits of carrying your phone along with you while kayaking, you can as well say that your smartphone can be a lifesaver on water. So, it is very necessary for you to keep such an important device safe while kayaking. 

Gears or materials such as dry bags, deck bags, waterproof phone cases, life jacket pockets, and the kayak compartment itself can help you achieve the aim of keeping your phone safe.

A man is adventure kayaking
A man is adventure kayaking | Credit: Brett Sayles /

Dry Bags

Dry Bags are pouches specifically designed from waterproof materials with tops that can be tightly zipped or folded over severally to keep water away from your phone. 

A dry bag can hold extra air, thus more floating advantage and it is effective as it can be fastened to your kayak by means of a marine rope.

So, even when your kayak flips, you can be sure that your dry bag won’t vanish down the river. You can get your own dry bag from online stores like Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, and Amazon.

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag 5L/10L/20L/30L/40L

When shopping for your dry bag, you should consider the following:

Size: Dry bags labeled as XS are the smallest dry bags having an f5 liter holding capacity which is large enough to hold not only your phones but other essential items. And on days when you need more space, you can consider an 8 – 10 liter dry bag.

Color: Your search for items won’t be difficult if you consider a clear dry bag.

Marine Rope: Characterized by sturdiness, resistance to rot and mildew, and easy handling, the Marine rope should be considered the best fit to attach your dry bag to your kayak.

You can also consider durable dry bags that are designed in a user-friendly style, with the ability to float and keep your device safe like HEETA Waterproof Dry Bag for Women / Men or Piscifun Dry Bag 

Deck Bags

These are bags that can be easily attached to the deck lines of your kayak, allowing your phone to be within your reach.

Some deck bags are not waterproof, so to get more effectiveness, you can store your phone in a waterproof pouch before putting it in a water-resistant deck bag. Deck bags can be gotten from online stores like REI or Amazon.

While shopping for deck bags, consider choosing deck bags that are brightly colored for visibility. A good deck bag should have sturdy attachments and the space must be large enough to contain your items.

Check if your deck bag is easily accessible as well as whether it is water resistant or waterproof. You can as well check out these options to buy – 

Seattle Sports Deluxe 15L Kayak and Paddle Board Deck Bag (Silver)

Waterproof Phone Cases

With a waterproof phone case, you can make use of your phone while kayaking without having to pull over. It comes with a lanyard that helps you attach your phone to you or your life vest.

This way, you have nothing to fear if your kayak capsizes. You can get yours from REI, Eastern Mountain Sports, Amazon, and NRS.

While shopping for your waterproof phone case, remember to look out for its sizing, ensure that it is designed to fit your phone and while shopping online, check out reviews to be sure of its waterproofing feature.

You can also check out these options and the features that are the best fit for you.

Life Jacket With Pockets

It is best when your life jacket has pockets because this way you can keep your phone very close to you.

However, to prevent it from getting wet when you fall into the water, you can place it in a waterproof case before putting it in the pocket of your life jacket.

These life jackets are available on online stores like Amazon, NRS, and eBay.Look out for a brightly colored life jacket, availability of tabs for attachment, and pocket size when shopping.

You can check as well check out these amazing life jackets with pockets from these options

NRS Chinook Fishing Kayak Lifejacket (PFD)

Kayak Compartments

You can secure your phone in your kayak’s compartment but it is not fully waterproof and as such may not guarantee your phone’s safety.

So, it is recommended that you use a ziplock bag to keep your phone before placing it in your kayak’s compartment.

Getting Your Electronics Insured

When you think of all the benefits and risks of bringing your phone with you while kayaking and you insist, your safest bet is to get it insured.

This insurance covers all that may damage your phone like power surge, spillage, unintended drops, and even theft.

Depending on the model of the phone, you can make a monthly insurance payment of about $20 – $50 per month.

This implies that you have your phone insured while kayaking any day of the month you have paid for.  while for iPhones, 2-year insurance costs can range from $100 to $200.

It gets disadvantageous when you never get to use your insurance coverage or when you lose the information you did not back up.

However, it is advantageous when you know that you can get a new phone or have your phone repaired if it gets ruined in the water without you worrying.

Another option to keeping your phone safe is to leave it on shore or in your car. However, there are pros and cons to this. Your phone can stay all dry in the car and leaving a bit in the car can mean no distraction for you. 

However, your phone can be stolen if your car is parked in a notorious area and excessive car heat can cause your phone to malfunction.

A Woman is riding on Kayak at Middle of Sea
A Woman is riding on Kayak at Middle of Sea | Credit: ara Robinson /


How do I protect my phone on a float trip?

Placing your phone in an extra small dry bag attached to your kayak by means of marine rope and carabiners will help protect your phone on a float trip.

How can I protect my phone from the lake?

You can protect your phone from the lake by investing in waterproof pouches and cases. This way, you can keep your phone from being wet.

Where do you put your phone on a kayak?

While on a kayak you can put your phone in the kayak’s compartment or you can put it in the deck bag strapped to the deck of the kayak.

What do you do with your phone when paddleboarding?

During paddle boarding, you can make memories, document scenery, and get the necessary information with the aid of your phone. And as such you must ensure its safety too.

How do you listen to music while paddle boarding?

If you are a music lover or interested in listening for inspiration while paddle boarding, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is advisable to purchase and you can also make use of an earbud too.


Phones are now a part of our everyday lives and we take them almost everywhere we go, including kayaking.

It is important not to ruin your trip by losing your phone to water. So, you must take caution to ensure the safety of your phone by means of using different gears and safe keeping methods as listed in the article.

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